Tenuta Mara, the HARVEST

Tenuta Mara is not just a simple Vineyard, but a complex and complete organism because from the beginning it has adopted the holistic principles of biodynamic agriculture to produce an exceptional biodynamic wine, 100% sangiovese Tenuta Mara Vendemmia 2014_GAL4219 A sunny September has put the smile back on the faces of wine producers who have been harvesting “magnificent” grapes and plenty of them.. tenuta Mara harvest was a party, a celebration of the biodynamic method with friends and wine lovers IMG_0827 1 The Italian grape harvest is promising less quantity but more quality from the 2014 vintage but Coldiretti, the country’s main agricultural organisation.is not so optimistic: “Italian vintners are expected to produce 900 million gallons (41m hectolitres) of wine this autumn, a 15 per cent drop compared to last year, France will easily supercede that amount, with a forecast production of just over 1 billion gallons, according to the French agriculture ministry. With a reduction of more than 15 per cent compared to last year, the harvest of 2014 risks becoming the worst since 1950,” (telegraph.co.uk) Tenuta Mara Vendemmia 2014_GAL4237 But Mara Mia is a promise; On the 22nd of September, the Congress Centre Fondazione Cariplo of Milan hosted the Italian edition of the Best Italian Wine Awards, placed in the fifty best wines of Italy,     An event which is more valuable when presented at the Expo Milan 2015, the Universal Exposition which will be the centre of attention next year, concentrating on the audience of the international media focused particularly on food, describing the technology, innovation, culture and tradition.         Tenuta Mara Vendemmia 2014_GAL4476 The Maramia 2012, the biodynamic Sangiovese of Tenuta Mara, won the award ‘Vino Promessa’ with the following motivation: ‘A glimpse of the future and farsightedness of a wine estate which made the biodynamic method a symbol’ So, as a promise, MaraMia is a positive wine and an incentive to be optimistic about 2014 harvest IMG_0822 1

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