Identità Golose Milano // The tenth edition // 9-11 February 2014

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L’Uovo di seppia di Pino Cuttaia, piatto simbolo della decima edizione di Identità Milano

Identità Golose Milano the most important international congress of gourmet chefs in Italy was organized at MICO in Milan. In the same location, for the second year the organization worked with Merano Wine Festival to organize Milano Food&Wine Festival, 300 wines were presented.

The 3-day event (4 days including Saturday 8th, the first day of the Milano Food&Wine Festival) has just ended registering very interesting attendance; some of the best  international

On the two edges, Massimo Bottura and Raffaele Alajmo, together with Paolo Marchi pay their homage to Fulvio Pierangelini (pic form Identità Visiva website)

On the two edges, Massimo Bottura and Raffaele Alajmo, together with Paolo Marchi pay their homage to Fulvio Pierangelini (pic form Identità Golose website)

wine producers and Italian chefs participated to the event that exceeded expectations with the quality of the culinary art offered.

The tenth edition of Identità Golose is filed with a +40% registrants to the congress and a participation of about 10 thousand people. The format, the organization and the participation of the chefs from notable restaurants as well as wine producers make this event very special.

Paolo Marchi and Claudio Ceroni, respectively creator and patron of the company organising the event, namely MagentaBureau, are beaming: «We don’t like to speak of ourselves, we create content. We represent, in some way, a side of Italy that is successful, this is way more and more prestigious companies approach us» (from Identità Golose website)

I have attended many interesting lessons, I loved the ones about pasta

Davide Scabin presented his "naked pasta"

Davide Scabin presented his “naked pasta”

Giuseppe iannotti from Sannio (campania)

Giuseppe iannotti from Sannio (campania)

Josean Martinez Alija, Nerua Guggenheim Bilbao

Josean Martinez Alija, Nerua Guggenheim Bilbao

Funny and useful the presentation of the culinary identity made in Thailand, the guest nation on Tuesday Feb 11; Chef Prin Polsuk, sous chef at restaurant Nahm in Bangkok, presented three dishes from Chang Mai (northern Thailand). Spices, ingredients, culture and experiment; Thai food is very complex and popular all around the world. The other chefs were Chumpol Jangprai, executive chef of the Blue Elephant gastronomic empire and a television celebrity chef.

Prin Polsuk (pic from identità golose website)

Prin Polsuk (pic from identità golose website)

The multi-ethnic couple Dylan Jones and Bo Songvisava of restaurant Bo.lan in Bangkok showed us how to prepare the green

Thai Green Curry (pic from

Thai Green Curry (pic from

curry in the original Thai version. To understand more about Thai cuisine we had a lesson by the Henrik yde patron-chef at Kiin Kiin, a fine-dining restaurant in Copenhagen and Bangkok, as well as of many other restaurants in Denmark. Even though Henik comes from Copenhagen he is an expert about Thai cuisine and it looks easy for him to find western words to explain Asian culture.

We can’t forget Desserts… the pastry chef Corrado Assenza from Noto (Sicily) opened the afternoon lessons dedicated to Dossier Dessert with his Sicilian citrus-based desserts; bitter orange, moro variety, femminello siracusano lemon, lumanziano cultivar… we found out what citrus means in Sicily in a sweet way with Chef Corrado.We keep tasting sweetness with Julie Ochando that presented his A 3D dessert. Finally less sugar, less fats, more pleasure with Pastry Chef Thierry Bridnon, academic at the Ecole Valrhona.

Big chefs, like Moreno Cedroni, Enrico Crippa, Niko Romito, Massimo Bottura, Gaston Acurio … all together in the same place. It’s a big party, a very professional congress and a way to meet old friends.

Well done Paolo Marchi and MagentaBureau! You serious efforts have paid off and you deserve every bit of it!

We can’t wait to attend Roma Food & Wine Festival (from November 29th to December 1st) a new edition of Identità New York and the “debut” of Identità Chicago, in October.


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