Abrate and Sons // Italian Food and Wine in HK

Tartuflanghe products

Tartuflanghe products

HK people love italian food and wine and there are many importers that allow HK restaurants to have the best ingredients directly from Italy. The selection of the best products and the distribution channels are very important but there is something that make the difference; the educationals.

This winter we had the chance to attend a very interesting workshop about White truffle from Alba organized by Abrate and Sons. Abrate is a winery in Piedmont and has been the family business since 1878. Mosun Abrate has understood clients needs in 1997 and has opened Abrate & Sons. She runs the company successfully importing the wines from the family wineries and fine food from Italy. Most of the products come from small companies, who maintain a very high quality thanks to the limited production. Abrate and Sons imports White truffle from Tartuflanghe and organized in Hong Kong an important workshop at Gaia Restaurant with Paolo Montanaro, one the best “truffle expert”. Paolo explained what is truffle, how you can keep it in the best way and the best dishes to enjoy this rare mushroom.

Abrate and Sons imports many quality products as well as Pasta Martelli (used by the best chefs in town)

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(left) Paolo Montanaro, Mosun Abrate, Paolo Monti, Pino Piano

(left) Paolo Montanaro, Mosun Abrate, Paolo Monti, Pino Piano

The workshop

The workshop

Mosun with the Chefs

Mosun and Paolo with the Chefs 

Passion, educationals and Italian taste … these are the keys of Abrate and Sons success, well done Mosun!


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