White Truffle and Gaja Wine Auction at 8 1/2 Otto e Mezzo BOMBANA

Today, Sunday December 9th the restaurant 8 1/2 Otto e Mezzo BOMBANA hosted the special white truffle dinner and the truffle auction in collaboration with GAJA to benefit the Hong Kong charity Mother’s Choice.

The auction was exciting and the result was incredible: 5 lots sold for 1240,000 HKD (123,800 euro)

(L) Three-Michelin-Starred Chef Bombana and Ms. Gaia Gaja

Umberto Bombana and Gaia Gaja

All bidding white truffles

All bidding white truffles

The lots
Lot #1
sold for 190,000 hkd (18,900 euro)

  • White Truffle (207 gr)
  • Barbaresco 1998, 1500 ml
  • Barbaresco Sori San Lorenzo 1985, 1500 ml

Lot #2
sold for 200,000 hkd (19,900 euro)

  • White Truffle (213 gr)
  • Barbaresco 1998, 750 ml
  • Barbaresco 1988, 750 ml
  • Barbaresco 1978, 750 ml

sold for 250,000 HKD (24,950 euro)

  • White Truffle (243 gr)
  • 4 nights at Resort Banyan Tree, Ungasan, Bali

sold for 320,000 HKD (31,900 euro)

  • White Truffle (358 gr)
  • One week at Luxury Chalet Baita 1697, Piemonte

sold for 280,000 HKD (27,950 euro)

  • White Truffle (173 gr + 402 gr)
  • Private Dinner for 12 people at  8 1/2 Otto e Mezzo BOMBANA Restaurant

Ready for the auction with Mr John Kapon


Gaia Gaja, Danilo Nicoletti, Antonio Bombini, Gianluca Fusetto

For the occasion the Chef Bombana designed a special menu…


White Truffle and Gaja Wine Auction Dinner Menu

Vero Aperitivo Italiano

artisanal mancino vermouth bianco ambrato

on hand made ice and orange twist

Lobster and Caviar


winter salad, parsley gnocchi and sweet pepper jelly
“Gaia & Rey” Chardonnay 2001 – 1500 ml


 Topinambour Agnolotti


burrata cheese and white truffle from alba
“Sori San Lorenzo” 2004 – 1500 ml


Foie Gras Royal


porcini emulsion, white truffle from alba


Poularde from Bresse

Poularde From Bresse

on chestnut risotto, white truffle from alba
Barbaresco 1997 – 1500 ml


Danilo Nicoletti and the ched Valentino Ugolini are grating truffle over the risotto


Crispy Organic Veal

Crispy Organic Veal

piedmont cheese fondue, white truffle from alba
“Sperss” 1988 – 1500 ml



Dessert #1 - Tartufo

piedmont hazelnut parfait, nougat, white chocolate and white truffle from alba
8 ½ Macademia Alexander                      


Artisanal Panettone

served with mascarpone cream

Coffee or Tea

served with homemade petit fours


Left: Maria Pranzo, Rossana Gaja, Gaia Gaja, Payal Shah

A lovely night celebrating Italian food and wine.. for a good reason!


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