L’altro, a new Italian restaurant in HK

L’ALTRO is the restaurant of the chef Léveillé.

Mr. Philippe Léveillé has been awarded two Michelin stars since 2001, a status which he has retained for the past ten years in his Italian restaurant Miramonti L’altro located at Brescia, Italy.

Philippe is French but his cuisine is true Italian and, after the Michelin starred restaurant in Italy , he just arrived in HK with the Chef de cuisine  Antimo Merone

Great location, but a bit “cold”; a lot of grey, white and silver…but the food was amazing!

Antimo helped us to select our courses and it was a perfect choice!

Chef Philippe will return back in Italy to cook in the Miramonti L’altro restaurant… Antimo will stay with us in HK!

Our big welcome to Antimo and our congrats to all the staff!

The amuse bouche

Bouillabaisse Hong Koh style

Risotto of the day (orange capers and fish)

Smoked pork loin with tuna cream

Ice cream with strawberries: simple and amazing!


10/F, The L.place, 139 Queen’s Road Central, HK

(852) 2555 9100 / (852) 2555 7328

close on Sundays

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