Grandi Cru D’Italia // Hong Kong

Incredible wine tasting for HK wine lovers yesterday October 22 at The Happy Valley Clubhouse.

The visitors had the chance t to taste the best Italian wines and to meet important “wine personality” as The Marchese Ferdinando Frescobaldi and Paolo Panerai, the Vice President of Grandi Cru D’Italia.

The Comitato Grandi Cru d’Italia was formed in 2005, in order to uphold the tradition of quality wines in Italy. The members are screened before admission, based on their consistent performance by the critics and the market. Originally charted with 12 members and co-opting of 36 more members as charter members, the Association currently boasts of 130 members.

The association, under the chairmanship of Vittorio Frescobaldi, allows a classification based on the quality of the wines. Indeed, in Italy, we don’t have a classification that can help to understand the quality like the one you can find in France.

For details on the organization, please visit

Watch the Video: Ferdinando Frescobaldi about Wine denomination!

Watch the Video: Mr Frescobaldi about Biodynamic wines !

This night, October 23 at ICON HOTEL the special wine dinner presented by Enoteca Pinchiorri

During the dinner, eleven lots from Grandi Cru D’Italia will be auctioned by Christie’s

We can’t wait !

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