Sheung Wan AOC

Who said that you need a large piece of land to produce wine?

The food and wine writer Maggie Beale made her wine on her balcony in Sheung Wan with the precious collaboration of the husband Thomas Lim

The vines on the Maggie’s balcony in Sheung Wan

They made a very small quantity but the quality  has been appreciated during an important blind tasting !

Maggie Beale

Maggie is Co-Publisher of Bar Talk/Table Talk with Thomas Lim, on-trade food & beverage Industry magazine. She writes the “Food for One” column in China Daily and she is a food & beverage educator but, first of all, Maggie is a beautiful person!

Sheung Wan, HK

We love to imagine Maggie and Thomas drinking their Sheung Wan AOC wine in a small green balcony !


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